About Me

In 2014 Ketan and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  I have always called her my special blessing and each day I am realizing what a blessing she really is.

Our fertility journey has been a roller coaster and after our fifth miscarriage in March of 2016 we decided to take the leap to IVF.  Not a decision we take lightly or a decision that was quickly made.

Through this journey I have also been very open to friends, family, and co-workers and I must admit sometimes strangers.  Through the honesty I have found so many other people traveling the same path and it has brought me comfort.

Through this blog I hope to open the conversation about a taboo subject.  I hope that my transparency can bring comfort to others in our shoes, explanation to family and friends that are on this journey with us and maybe an extended hand to strangers that don’t know where to turn.

Our journey expands with the start of adoption, a sixth miscarriage, failed IVF and fertility cycles and then a surprise pregnancy.  Stay tuned as the path continues.



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