We have all heard the stories about couples adopting and then finding out they are pregnant.  Every time I heard that story I was reminded of the pain and loss that still was part of this process.  Those stories were not helpful and honestly did not provide hope and comfort as I am sure they were intended.  That was of course until that story became us.

Trust me, I had the same reaction you might be having right now.  Yes, we are pregnant again.  Yes, we conceived naturally.  Just thought I would knock out the question that you are already asking in your head!

Shortly after I released my last blog post and filing our initial adoption paperwork — we found out we are pregnant.  It was a Saturday afternoon and I was cleaning the upstairs after Raina went down for a nap.  I had not been feeling well and had even had a night where I went to bed at 8:00PM.  So I opened the closet to pull out some cleaning supplies and realized I had a leftover pregnancy test that was going to expire next year.  Clearly thinking that I just needed to get rid of it — I took the test.  Two solid lines — pregnant.

We are almost 9 weeks pregnant, have not been to the doctor and simply enjoying the moment; well if that is possible.  I am petrified.  I am preoccupied with the symptoms or lack of symptoms.  I find myself on Google a dozen times a day.  It’s almost as if this is my first rodeo — it’s amazing what your head can do in times like this.  I have also tried to protect my heart and prepare for the worst and I am finding my heart is wide open and just as vulnerable as all the other times.

Right now I am having pregnancy symptoms come and go, but right now I am pregnant.  The hardest part of the other pregnancies is going to the doctor to hear the heartbeat on the ultrasound and hear nothing but a whooshing sound and be told the baby stopped growing.  So right now we are pregnant and that is all that matters.

We have also not held back in sharing the news.  Seems like it goes against all kind of society norm — and yup we get that.  But really I have already laid my story out for the world to see — why should this be any different.  After all, we could use all the prayers, positive thoughts, happy energy, juju or whatever you believe in.

This is our seventh pregnancy and therefore lucky 7!

Edit after the initial post:  After some light spotting last week we broke down and called the doctor.  They were not concerned at all — but of course we are so scared.  We have an ultrasound scheduled on September 27th.  Let my prayer warriors do what they do best!